Our Projects
Grand Goave
Naming Rights
Leadership Development
  • Provide guidance for youth
  • Align resources with the mission to support youth program development to improve health and social needs
  • Identify funding streams to support sustainable activities for youth enrichment

We are providing training now on the following subjects:

  • Domestic Violence
  • HIV/AIDS Training
  • Economic Development Training
  • Youth Delinquency
  • Agriculture
  • School Principles

Fanm an Aksyon:

Fanm an Aksyon (Women in Action) is a new program that RCHRC is implementing in Grand-Goâve for female entrepreneurs. This program begins August 2012, starting with a small pilot program of 10 women. RCHRC is helping these women obtain small business loans and the necessary training to become entrepreneurs. Starting with selling their goods in local markets, then later in our Convention Center (see the "Tourism" tab under "Projects" to learn more about the Convention Center), these women will be able to increase their family income dramatically.

Due to the high worth of American currency in Haitian markets, this program only needs $10,000.00 USD to begin and fully sponsor each of the 10 women. All donations are 100% tax deductible - donate today to sponsor a Haitian woman's independent business.