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Over the weekend, Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that crumbled homes and buildings as well as killed over 1,200 people and 5700 injured as the numbers are rising as rescue missions are underway. Towns were destroyed, buildings were reduced to rubble and hospitals are overwhelmed. Konbit Neg Lakay & Rockland County Haiti Relief has launched a GoFundMe to raise funds to assist and support those in need in Haiti. Please help in donating any funds you can which will be used to purchase medical supplies and much more.
Konbit Neg Lakay & Rockland County Haiti Relief is a 501c(3) organization. Your donation will be tax deductible and will go to support our programs and services in Haiti.

Hello and Welcome to the virtual home of the Rockland County Haiti Relief.  My name is Renold Julien, and I am the proud chairman of this wonderful organization.  It is my pleasure to share some of the wonderful things we are doing to "Keep the Hope of Haiti Alive."  In spite of the challenges that exist, we are devoted to providing relief service to the people of Haiti.  We've taken a page out of the book of the Haitian people, and we refuse to allow our circumstances to stand in the way of our commitment.

The members of this organization are volunteers who give of their time, talent and resources to fulfill RCHRC’s mission.

It is not enough to speak of the dire situation that exists in Haiti, but it is our responsibility to take action.  Martial artist, Bruce Lee once said, "Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Willing is not enough; we must do."  It is not possible for everyone to go to Haiti, but there is something that everyone can do.

I welcome you to join forces with the Rockland County Haiti Relief Campaign, and to consider becoming a member. Contact us at:  845-425-4623 or email info@RocklandCountyHaitiRelief.org where the only criteria is a heart of caring and a willingness to serve.  We don't send aid to Haiti, We take it there...


Renold Julien
Executive Director, Rockland County Haiti Relief

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